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How To Get Thicker Thighs and Wider Hips | 4 Workouts For Curvy Figure

Published on 19 Jun 2020 / In Thighs

⁣Getting lean thighs and fuller hips is achievable!

It all comes down to doing the right workouts and increasing your calorie intake healthy foods(Protein in particular).

This workout routine will help you get thicker thighs and wider/fuller hips.

You cannot change your bone structure but you can always gain more side muscles which will help your hips become fuller.

Even if you just want to get a bigger butt and tone your thighs you can still use this routine.

Again, For this to work you must increase your calorie intake of healthy protein foods.

You can read the post below to see some type of foods you can eat to increase your protein intake.

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