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Grow Your Glutes and Hips (Side Butt) | 11 Minute Bigger Glutes & Curvy Hips Workout!

Published on 20 Jun 2020 / In Glutes

⁣If you're struggling to your glutes and hips add this routine to your workout regimen.

It's a low-impact workout routine therefore it's perfect for persons which knee issues.

The primary aim of this routine is to hit the gluteus medius specifically.

All you need is a resistance band.

If you have been following us for some time, you should have invested in a resistance band by now.

They're super cheap and you can get them almost at any fitness store.

However, if you're still not able to get your hands on a resistance band you can still get the benefits of the workout.

It's just that by adding external resistance with the band you can stimulate even more muscle growth.

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